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Massage therapy has opened a gateway for healing touch and energy awareness. I find gratitude in being an instrument for relieving your pain and like to get to the source. Ingrid especially likes therapeutic work. She feels an affinity for helping to relieve tension in the neck/ shoulder and back areas, using myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy, pelvic analysis, hot stones and stretching techniques. For many, this type of discomfort travels to the head, which is another area she loves to work, massaging the scalp, face, sinus points and then applying Reiki. Ingrid is also skilled at Lymphatic massage which she enjoys immensely.
Each of our team members is experienced, licensed, and brings a totally unique energy and approach to her healing. We are proud of the diverse skills of the Healium team, and we think you'll be happy with whomever you choose.
I have been in practice since 2007. My focus lies in therapeutic massage using techniques such as trigger point therapy and myofascial release, but I enjoy adding Cranial Sacral therapy and neural manipulation to activate the body's own ability to heal. I am pursuing further study about the meridian system and applied kinesiology to help balance the body energetically as well as physically.
I look forward to working together with clients on their journey to wellness. As a therapist, I believe in holistic healing to help clients achieve a healthy balanced life. I will create a customized massage for each person to regain balance and reduce pain and stress. I graduated from East-West Healing Arts Institute so my focus is on eastern therapeutic massage integrated with traditional western massage. I specialize in Tui Na, acupressure, cupping, shiatsu, trigger point and hot stone massage.
I have been a Massage Therapist for 14+ years. There is great power in the partnership that happens between a good therapist and an educated client and it can be miraculous. I practice customized massage for each of my clients. I work within your comfort zone to achieve the best result for you. I use Swedish, Trigger Point, Site Specific, Deep Tissue, Prenatal and any other relevant techniques I am educated in to make the partnership between myself and my client the best it can be.
I believe that massage is a wonderful organic means to help heal people from injury and the stress of life. I enjoy giving prenatal, and relaxing massages. Incorporating heat and aromatherapy to help the healing process along. If you fall asleep on my table, I'll consider that a compliment.
Becoming a massage therapist has taught me so many things; the most important being that soft tissue injuries often fall through the cracks in our medical system. Therefore making massage therapy an important missing link in the prevention and recovery process. I strive to work with each client to resolve their specific issue. My specialties are deep tissue and hot stone. I have recently added cupping to my skill set and I am excited to utilize this modality.  

Cherie combines a wealth of knowledge and experience in many area to bring a unique and intuitive flow to each massage session. Modalities incorporated include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Reflexology, and stretching. Every massage session is custom tailored for each client's individual needs. Massage Therapy can assist injury recovery, medical issues, chronic pain or simple relaxation for optimal balance and wellness. Cherie is honored to be part of your wellness team!
While I received my training at the Swedish Institute of New York, my 30+ years of extensive education has come from serving athletes ,those seeking pain relief and anyone wanting a relaxing experience. I practice the art of providing a quality massage using Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massage modalities. Communication is key; not only with my clients, but also interpreting and responding to the muscle tissue. My goal is to provide a beneficial healing massage, by creating a greater overall consciousness of better health. 
My name is Ann Marie Fothergill. I have been a registered hygienist for 34 years but my interest in holistic medicine has led me to massage, aromatherapy and Reiki healing. I am certified in the clinical use of essential oils, received 300 hours of education and am currently a member of NAHA (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy). I am currently a Reiki Master and plan to continue my training. I live in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee and I love my community!

The goal of each of Melissa's massages is to help the client manage pain, stress, and improve overall health. She has been trained in many massage techniques such as Swedish, Crainial-Sacral, Prenatal/Post Partum, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Connective Tissue work. Her specialty is Hot Stone Massage.